New Danish Thriller Explores Shadowy Diplomatic Deals and Dark Family Secrets

Danish journalist Christina Lund makes her debut in the world of fiction with the Danish language thriller “Sort Monsun” (Black Monsoon), set in Bangkok, where the author herself has lived and worked.

In “Sort Monsun,” Cathrine Birklund, a journalist grappling with PTSD, seeks solace in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand. Determined to disappear from the world, Cathrine’s plans are disrupted when she becomes embroiled in the enigmatic case of Clara Steiner, a vanished ambassador’s daughter.

The investigation leads Cathrine into a political quagmire, thrusting her into the midst of a diplomatic crisis between two ancient kingdoms, where trust is a precious commodity. Teaming up with private investigator Pim, Cathrine races against time to uncover the truth before her own safety is compromised by external and internal enemies.

“Sort Monsun” is the first book in Christina Lund’s planed Thailand Trilogy, and readers can look forward to more thrilling adventures featuring Cathrine Birklund. Each installment will delve deeper into her world and uncover new layers of intrigue.

Q&A with Christina Lund

Q: What inspired you to write “Sort Monsun”?
A: Having lived and worked in Bangkok as a journalist, I was fascinated by the rich tapestry of Thai society, its political landscape, and the undercurrents of power and secrecy. “Sort Monsun” emerged from my desire to explore these themes through the lens of a thrilling narrative.

Q: How did your background as a journalist influence your writing?
A: Journalism taught me the importance of meticulous research and attention to detail. It helped me create an authentic setting for the story and allowed me to delve into the complexities of real-world issues while crafting a gripping tale.

Q: What challenges did you encounter while transitioning from non-fiction to fiction?
A: The shift from reporting facts to weaving a fictional narrative presented its own set of challenges. Developing engaging characters and maintaining a captivating plot required a different approach. However, my experiences in Southeast Asia provided a solid foundation for storytelling, enabling me to navigate these challenges effectively.

Q: Why did you choose Bangkok as the setting for the novel?
A: Bangkok is a city of contrasts, where tradition and modernity coexist in fascinating ways. Its vibrant atmosphere and multicultural backdrop offered a rich canvas for exploring the complexities of the story. Additionally, my personal connection to the city allowed me to infuse the narrative with a sense of authenticity.

About the Author:
Christina Lund, born in 1980, is a renowned journalist who also studied Southeast Asian studies at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University. With extensive experience living and working in Southeast Asia for Danish media outlets such as DR, Jyllands-Posten, and Kristeligt Dagblad, Christina Lund brings a wealth of knowledge to her writing.

In 2012, she published the documentary narrative “Ashins Spring – Stories from Burma,” which garnered critical acclaim and a nomination for the Kristian Dahl Memorial Grant, also known as the Little Cavling Prize. “Sort Monsun” marks Lund’s foray into fiction, showcasing her storytelling prowess. As readers immerse themselves in this enthralling tale, they will undoubtedly anticipate the next installment with bated breath.


Title: Sort Monsun
Author: Christina Lund
Publication Date: June 21, 2023
Available as: Audiobook and e-book
Cover Design: Simon Lilholt, Imperiet
Photo: Lea Meilandt
Pages: 302
Retail Price: 249.95 DKK.

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