New sales channel for Finnish food safety expertise in China

China Operation Center, the Finnish co-operation organisation, has concluded a significant framework agreement with the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration (Shanghai FDA). The agreement will open up a direct sales channel to China for Finnish companies, the Finnish newsdesk Good News from Finland reported.

The framework agreement enables companies to sell food safety expertise, such as consultation services and equipment, to the Shanghai FDA.
“At best this means that the Shanghai FDA can purchase the services it needs from our companies through China Operation Center,” Sami Areva, spokesperson for the organisation, said.

China food_LK_Sari Gustafsson

The Shanghai FDA rarely purchases products or services from foreign operators unless they have a strong local representation. This is precisely the type of representation and sales channel that the Finnish China Operation Center provides in China.

“The co-operation agreement significantly improves the chances of an individual company test-marketing their products. Our sales premises in the duty-free area allow companies to test-sell their products directly to the consumer or distributor,” Areva explained.

China Operation Center is the shared organisation of Food Safety Management Finland’s and the Food Development Cluster of Finland’s competence cluster. Food Safety Management Finland is an association of Finnish food safety experts that promotes the internationalisation of its members, among other things.

Shanghai FDA has entered into similar agreements with just a handful of large international operators. China Operation Center was selected as a partner based on a tendering process and long-term co-operation.
The foundations for the co-operation between the Shanghai FDA and China Operation Center were laid at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Sharing Health event where Finnish food safety experts displayed their expertise to Chinese buyers.


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