New staff to the Norwegian Church in Singapore

Norway’s Seamen’s Church in Singapore has been blessed with four new staff members. Meet them below.


Steinar Dale Wessman is as the new kitchen leader. Except from having the main responsibility for shopping, preparing and cooking the two weekly get-together meals in the church: the Thursday lunch and the Sunday Barbeque, Steinar will also act as host to events taking place in the church.

Steinar has a big interest in both cooking and eating food, so for him his new job is a good possibility to absorb into the knowledge of cooking.


Eva Kristin Dale Wessman is as the name indicates married to Steinar. She will take care of the Sunday school for the children when she finishes her maternity leave with their three month old son Edvard. She will also lead a session for mothers and children where they will sing good old Norwegian songs.

She said: “I am looking forward in general to be present in the church and talk to the different people coming here and hearing their experiences.”

For the little family it has been a wish for a long time to work abroad.

”It was a coincidence that we ended up in Singapore, but so far we are very happy to be here,” Eva Kristin Dale Wessman added.

Steinar and Eva Kristin also have a 3-year old daughter Emma.


Øystein Tønnessen is responsible for the music in the church. He plays to the church service and conduct the church’s choir.

Besides the music Øystein will take care of the church’s website, Facebook-page, the weekly newsletter and the magazine Kvarten. He is furthermore the contact person for the shipping companies and the person to organize ship visits to the Norwegian seamen. He is originally from Lista in the Southern part of Norway.


Helene Hostad Tønnessen is married to Øystein Tønnessen and together they have the 1,5 year-old daughter Ella. Helene’s main activity in the church will be the Tuesday forum and play group, but she will also take part in the information work to be done. She comes from Kløfta 35 km northeast of Oslo and used to work as adviser for the director of culture in the city of Kristiansand.

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