New Swedish bakery to open in Singapore


(Pictures from Fika’s café)

How many times have you been craving for fresh baked rye bread or prinsesstårta, when abroad? Now you don’t have to go overseas anymore to satisfy your taste buds in delicious Scandiavian baking goods, because Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro is opening their first stand alone bakery in Singapore. Welcome to KONDITORI.

”This is what Singapore needs,” say Tasneem and Joakim Smidhagen, the owners of Fika Café. They are now running three Swedish halal cafés in Singapore, all serving authentic Swedish dishes. Everything on their menu is homemade including all bread and cakes. Since they opened their third outlet, they have been busier than ever.

”We already have a little bakery inside one of the outlets. Not so long ago, one of our café bakers said, ”we need a place on our own if we want to continue supply all three outlets”,” Tasneem and Joakim tells.

Fika Café are very strict on following their own recipes, why they cannot “just” buy their bread from outside.

They are determined to keep their business idea of making all food themselves and following Scandinavian standards. To open up their own stand alone Swedish bakery was the ultimate solution to the space issue. Now, the cafés can be even more supplied with freshly baked goods, and the bakers will have their own place.

But KONDITORI will be more than just a bakery.

“We want to provide people with proper bread, and we want our business to benefit others, too.”

Tasneem and Joakim wants KONDITORI to have the same values as Fika Café, which regards conscious eating by supporting charity organisations, healthier options, and Swedish authenticity. Regarding the first value, the couple are very passionate about supporting the surrounding society, why KONDITORI will support underprivileged children from Singapore Children’s Society with the rent they pay for KONDITORI.

“We can honestly say, that we are happy to pay our rent. The rent goes directly to the organization.” 100% of the rent we pay goes directly to education bursaries for underprivileged children in Singapore.

Second of all, they are aware that especially Scandinavians are looking for gluten free options, why they will care a lot for allergic persons, and make some products without gluten, nuts, and dairy. Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries are famous for their dark rye bread, which will also be available in the store.

“We know there is many bakeries in Singapore, but we often hear Scandinavians complain about finding it difficult to find a bakery making authentic rye bread. Here they can find it, made by Swedish recipes. Like Fika Café, we will focus on authenticity, and all our baked products will not have any Asian twist, but unlike Fika Café, it will not be only Swedish bread we will make. We are concentrating on European bakery, and we might also will put French croissants on the menu, since it is so common to eat in both Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.”

KONDITORI will be more than just a bakery, because Tasneem and Joakim want to teach others about Scandinavian baking culture.

”We will do more for the Scandinavian community in Singapore. We want to host workshops for especially for schools, where they will visit the bakery, and learn how to bake themselves. We want to gather Swedish expats and host baking events, as well as we want to have seminars, where special visitors can talk about Scandinavian food culture. The bakery will somehow be the gathering space for food talks, food education, and a place to share each others passion for baking.”


We look forward for the opening in June 2016!

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