Newly established Dancham Indonesia in full bloom


Since Danish-Indonesian Business Chamber (Dancham Indonesia) was launched in September 2015, things have grown rapidly. Their member base now counts 35, and the number is increasing steadily. The business community in Indonesia has a long history, and the establishment of the chamber was actually based on the previous Danish Business Association (DBA), that stretches back to 1948. The name change indicates a new energy, and the idea is to build a stronger and modernized version of the organization.

“The goal is to make Dancham the link between companies and Danish/Indonesian interests,” says Michael Nielsen, President Director of PT Jebsen & Jessen.

Therefore Dancham has made a cooperation together with Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia, since their mutual goal is to promote and support Danish trade and export to Indonesia and develop close ties between Indonesian and Danish trade.

Dancham is currently putting “Human Capital” on the agenda, and on 23 February 2016 they hosted an event on the subject in order to gain insights to the latest trends and strategies related to human capital in Indonesia. 28 members met on this event to establish new insights and business networks.

The event demonstrated Dancham Indonesian’s goals; how to grow relationships, how to be meaningful and how to make a difference.

“The human capital challenges in Indonesia are well-documented and it was inspiring for all members to receive insights to how Danish companies have chosen to face this challenge in order to achieve market leadership. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art training facilities left many members in awe as well as kick-starting a thought process on how similar concepts could work at home turf,” Dancham Indonesia reveals in a news statement.

Dancham Indonesia is at the moment working on arranging upcoming events for their members, which will be built on the concept of inspiration and networking in a non-formal setting. Since Indonesia is a investment goal for many Danish companies, they look forward to grow and welcome many new members in the future.


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