Nokia and NTT bringing 5G wireless private solutions to Thailand

The Finnish telecommunication company Nokia are collaborating with the Japanese brand Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT Ltd.) with the aim of transforming Thailand’s digital scene to a new level.

A 5G private wireless level.

This is meant to boost productivity, worker safety and operational efficiency to over 3.2 million enterprises across the Thai country. It should better critical applications  and use cases in sectors like manufacturing, mining, healthcare and education. Sectors which are all crucial to the Thai economy.

The private wireless networks are designed specifically to connect devices in remote or challenging environments, where Wi-Fi coverage isn’t sufficient enough.

That means enterprises can fully leverage Industrial IoT, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intellinge (AI), because the networks provide a reliable high-bandwidth wiresless connectivity, as well as low latency and robust security.

President of Cloud and Network Services at Nokia, Raghav Sahgal, also revealed plans to expand the initiative to other markets in the Asia Pacific and Japan region, with the aim of economic growth.

Sutas Kongdumrongkiat, Chief Executive Officer of NTT Ltd. in Thailand, expressed excitement about expanding their partnership with Nokia and deploy private wireless networks across several enterprise business parks in Thailand.

He said that the initiative will provide Thai industry access to the most advanced 5G technology and applications, enabling automation, robotics, and digital transformation solutions whilst keeping workers safe.

Source: Bangkok Post 




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