Nordic Bangkok seminar: EU-Thailand Trade Relations

A successful Nordic Seminar on the EU – Thailand relationship and its new diplomatic openings was held at the Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok, as a Luncheon on the 7 March 2018. 40+ representatives from the Nordic business society and trade organisations were present and ready with questions to the EU Mission here in Bangkok, reports the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce.

Photo: Antti Rahikainen

In the light of the recent EU openings towards Thailand Mr Philipp Dupuis Head of Economic & Trade Section of the EU Delegation to Thailand gave an overview of current Trade issues globally and the more specifically case of Thailand. With an insight into the specific sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, electronics and manufacturing in general Mr Philipp Dupuis gave in useful brief on the challenges ahead of a future FTA between EU and Thailand.

The modality for EU working on trade with partner countries all over the world in general is very much linked with other issues such as human rights issues etc.

The in June 2014 the EU Council Conclusions stated that the EU would keep its relations with Thailand under review and would consider further possible measures, depending on circumstances. In reality this meant pause mode for diplomatic missions to Thailand. In the light of the recent positive developments in Thailand hereunder the promises of an election, the Council found it appropriate to pursue a gradual political re-engagement with Thailand.

The EU has decided therefore to resume political contacts at all levels with Thailand in order to facilitate a meaningful dialogue on issues of mutual importance, including on human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the road towards democracy.

The Nordic seminar again stressed the usefulness of the informal cooperation between the Nordic Countries here in Thailand.

Source: Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce
Photos: Antti Rahikainen, Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce

Photo: Antti Rahikainen

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