Nordic green and innovative solutions in Thailand

On Tuesday 27 June 2017, the Department of European Affairs organized a seminar on ‘Nordic 4.0: Green and Innovative’ at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At the seminar, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland shared national experiences with green innovation from each country.

The background for the seminar was Thailand’s 4.0 vision – a change of the Thai economy towards more innovation and technology driven economic growth. Nordic countries are known to be amongst the most innovative countries in the world, and Thailand sees to the North to acquire knowledge and inspiration about innovation. Thailand is concerned that the new economy should not thrive on expense of the climate and environment. Climate friendly innovation was therefore the main focus of the Nordic 4.0 seminar.

Norway’s ambassador to Thailand, Kjetil Paulsen held a speech which emphasized that the energy mix of the world is changing, and that we have to see the attractiveness of renewable energy – both from a commercial and environmental point of view.

Swedish Ambassador to Thailand, Staffan Herrström, gave a presentation on Sweden and innovation and Vlad Månsson, Project Manager of Business Sweden, presented the case of Sweden on waste management.

Katarina Tapio, Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Finland in Bangkok, gave a presentation on Finland’s innovation policy, which has been developed consistently over the decades.

Furthermore, Denmark focused on wind energy.

After the Nordic countries had shared best practices, there was a panel discussion with Thai speakers, both from public and private sector. Here, the focus was the way forward from Thailand, and what concrete solutions from the Nordic Thailand can make use of.

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