Nordic Night in Jakarta: embassies celebrated joint National Day 2018

The Embassies of the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden jointly celebrated their National days for the fourth consecutive year on Thursday 18 October in Jakarta – this time in an evening atmosphere.

The Nordic countries are on the forefront of renewable energy, sustainable waste management, Co2-neutral transportation and green cities. With this in mind, the embassies highlighted issues around environment and their vision for a more sustainable living.

“The Nordics come from four individual countries: Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, but we share a common vision for the planet”, says Ambassador of Denmark, Rasmus Abildgaard Kristensen.

In conjunction with the green mission from the Nordics, the four Embassies arranged a successful Nordic Roadshow to promote sustainable solutions in Indonesia earlier this year. Climate change was included in the agenda.

“We value clean nature, and we want to contribute here as well. Nordic and Indonesian companies are working on a waste-to-energy plant that would turn one third of Jakarta’s waste into electricity”, says Ambassador-designate of Finland, Jari Sinkari.

“Climate Change affects everyone and we must all contribute to stop its progress. in Sweden, most public transportation is running on Biogas and most household’s waste is recycled. Waste management is becoming a business in itself. We produce energy from processing waste”, Ambassador-designate of Sweden, Marina Berg adds.

Ocean is also one of the global concerns when it comes to environment issues. And the Nordics have established cooperation with Indonesia in promoting sustainability and green values.

“The current situation for the ocean is quite worrisome. We are therefore very happy that Indonesia is a close cooperating partner in our efforts to ensure a sustainable ocean for future generations”, the Ambassador of Norway, Vegard Kaale comments.

The Nordic governments are front-runners when it comes to inclusive sustainable economic growth, and over the years the Nordic Region has become an economic power house.

Through cooperation with the Indonesian government, the Embassies of the Nordic countries hope to be able to involve and engage more Indonesian companies and people to encourage investments in creative, sustainable and innovative solutions.

In the lounge area of the National Days celebration Nordic companies showcased their products and innovations from interior design to smart solutions in urban planning.

Source: Embassy of Finland in Jakarta

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