Norway and Thailand collaborate on low-carbon aquafeed

Photo: Responsible Seafood Advocate

Norwegian-backed nutrient company Full Circle Biotechnology has partnered up with Thailand-based aquaculture technology startup HydroNeo to produce a high-protein, low-carbon additive for aquaculture feeds.

Full Circle developed a ‘waste-to-protein’ production system which combines food waste with black fly larvae and microbes. This offers farmers a chance to reduce both emissions and costs, whilst creating an alternative to soy meal, fishmeal and other feed ingredients with a lot of carbon.

In a press statement, the company estimated that each year, 380 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions are generated to transport and dispose of nutrient-rich food waste. However, this new production should generate higher protein yields, less wastewater and requires less energy overall.

The way forward is through partnership

“We are thrilled to be partnering with HydroNeo, to provide them with our unique aqua feed,” Felix Collins, founder and MD of Full Circle Biotechnology said.

“This partnership not only generates a new revenue stream for both but enables each company to further innovate, as well as share industry insights and technical knowledge, leading us closer to our goal of reshaping the industry for the better.”

HydroNeo share the excitement about the collaboration.

“Together, we can further increase the farm’s profitability while at the same time also animal welfare and sustainability,” said Fabian Reusch, founder and MD of HydroNeo.

Source: Responsible Seafood Advocate

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