Norway build skills for jobs in Vietnam, Myanmar

The Norwegian government is investing in education and job creation in developing countries. On 14 February 2017 the government announced that they had entered five new partnerships for vocational education in Vietnam, Myanmar, Malawi and Uganda.

“Lack of qualified labour is often an obstacle when hiring locals in developing countries. With this new program we create a win-win situation for both communities and businesses,” said Børge Brende, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Norway, in a press release from the Norwegian government.

The contribution program, Building Skills for Jobs, was launched by the Minister for Foreign Affairs in September 2016 to offer job relevant vocational training in developing countries. Now the first partnerships have been made, mainly concerning agriculture, fishing industries and energy.

The project will be carried out in cooperation with both NGOs and the business sector.

“What we want to achieve with this program often requires broad partnerships to succeed. Many NGOs are holding a lot of academic and country expertise and contacts with local vocational education institutions. Meanwhile, the business sector is necessary in order to make the vocational training job relevant,” says Brende. “The projects currently receiving support will be able to give people a better opportunity to get existing jobs that previously were not occupied because of a lack of skilled labor. The projects will also help create new businesses, such as fish farming, energy and agriculture.”

The projects have three to five years in duration, and will receive funding of between three and 13 million during the project period.


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