Norway is ready to support LGBT index in Vietnam

Photo by UNDP Vietnam.

Mette Møglestue, Norwegian Deputy Head of Mission attended the “LGBT Inclusion Index” consultation workshop in Vietnam organized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Vietnam last week.

The LGBTI Inclusion Index’s purpose is to measure inclusion in all countries and to provide several perspectives on the data:

  • Comparing the overall degree of inclusion across countries;
  • Measuring progress toward inclusion over time within countries, regions, or globally;
  • Setting benchmarks for countries to achieve new levels of inclusion; and
  • Demonstrating where resources are most needed to enable and support sustainable human development for LGBTI people, as shown through outcome measures in the index.

According to UNDP, “the process of creating the LGBTI Inclusion Index began in 2015, when UNDP, in partnership with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), convened meetings with a multi-sectoral group of experts and with representatives from civil society to discuss the development of an index.”

One of the UNDP’s agendas is to achieve the Sustainable Development of “Leave No One Behind” campaign in 2030.

Photo by UNDP Vietnam.

In Møglestue’s speech, she stated:

“I hope Vietnam will continue to do its work at home both in terms of legislation and raising awareness to become a role model of inclusion for other countries in the region and strengthen its international reputation. Norway is ready to support and share its experiences.”

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