Norwegian aquaculture producer Ewos increases in Vietnam

In its reporting on the full year financial results Ewos, a leading supplier of feed and nutrition for the international aquaculture industry, reports that higher sales volumes combined with a declining Norwegian currency resulted in higher revenue and operating profit in 2014.

Ewos registered a 5.8% increase in sales volumes.


There has been strong growth throughout the year in Scotland, Canada and Vietnam. All regions except Scotland had strong revenue growth in the fourth quarter. Canada and Vietnam, in particular, increased volumes and revenues significantly in 2014 compared to the previous year. In Vietnam the market volume went up by approximately 10%.

Ewos-PelletsOperating revenue in Vietnam rose 55.5% to NOK 255.3m, due to a strengthening of Ewos’ market share compared to the previous year, boosting sales volumes by 48.5% to 61,000t.

Ewos Vietnam continues significant volume increase due to market share gains and diversifying from sales of mainly one species to multiple species.

In Vietnam Ewos produces feed mainly for tropical species. The company has produced fish feed since 1935, and today, we operate in all four of the world’s major salmon farming regions: Norway, Chile, Canada, and Scotland.

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