Norwegian arrested in Phuket for visa overstay

PHUKET: A Norwegian man was arrested in Talad Neua today (April 1) for staying in Thailand illegally after his visa had expired.

At 1 pm Immigration police arrested Hermansen Arnt Egil, 33, from Norway on Maeluan Rd in Talad Neua. Lt Col Teanchai Chompoo said the arrest came after police were patrolling the area to check for tourists who might be break immigration laws.

“Officers came down to Maeluan Rd and spotted Mr. Hermansen. He acted suspiciously so they approached him and asked to see his passport. He failed to do so, so he was taken to the Immigration Police Station,” said Lt Col Teanchai Chompoo.

After checking their records, Immigration police found that Mr Hermansen entered Thailand on December 12 2014 and was due to leave on March 11 2015.

Mr Hermansen was taken to Phuket City Police Station to face his charge of illegally living in Thailand on expired visa.

Mr Hermansen did not deny the allegation of him being in Thailand after his visa expired said immigration police.


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  1. If any tourist staying in Thailand after visa expired should be given held to extend their visa or help them to go back to own country.arrest is not fair with tourists who come to your country and help your economy.Visa overstay is problem and must be intimated to tourist before visa expires and before expiry every tourist must extend their visa or go back to country but arrest is not fair with tourists.

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