Norwegian company plans Chinese fast food outlets

The Norwegian seafood company Marine Harvest is allegedly planning to open hundreds of fast food restaurants in China.

A Norwegian fisherman holding a salmon

The news spread pretty quickly throughout the seafood-medias, Fish Update amongst others.

Marine Harvest, the world largest producer of salmon, believes this move could generate up to £1.5 billion (16 billion Norwegian kroners) by 2025.

On the same occasion of the prior announcement, the vice president of Marine Harvest, Ola Brattvoll, announced that the company is planning to launch a new product in China, the Supreme Salmon. This product will be sold in over 2.000 chain restaurants as well as directly to consumers in grocery stores.

This marks another chapter in a shaky relationship between Norway and China after a Chinese activist was awared with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010, which caused the Chinese government to react strongly towards Norwegian companies.

The relationship between the two countries have slowly been rebuilding since, and only a couple of weeks ago, Norway became the largest seafood exporter to China.

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