Norwegian couple saved by Thai fisherman

A video of a Norwegian couple stuck in deep mud who was rescued by a Thai fisherman went viral in Thailand last week. Partly because the fisherman laid himself down in the mud and let the couple use him as a plank to crawl over when all other ways had failed. And partly because he just walked away after his extreme act of selflessness without waiting to be thanked.

He has later been identified and properly thanked by the Norwegian couple who were bird watching in the mangrove forest.

Watch the video here and enjoy.

First the Thai fisherman saved the equipment. Would you blame the couple if for just a brief moment they thought he was going to take off with it? Then he comes back, seems hesitant how to grab the upper body of the female – then decides the way to go is to give them himself as a plank!

The video has also been shared on facebook:

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