Norwegian drowns in Pattaya


Police and rescue services were called to the Northern end of Jomtien Beach late Friday afternoon to investigate reports of a Norwegian who had apparently drowned.

At the scene was the body of Mr. Lief Anders Lonvik aged 68 who was pulled from the water by a passer-by who spotted him floating face down.
A beach vendor recognized the man and revealed he would come to the beach, alone, every day and would sit and drink beer.

On this occasion he was reportedly in a drunken state and had been drinking all day. He went for a swim and the next time he was seen he was floating face-down in the water.

Police suspect no foul play and his apparent heavy drinking is expected to have contributed to the accident.

Before the case is closed police will wait for the results of a post-mortem examination. The Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok has been informed.




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