Norwegian drug suspect transferred from Thailand to Norway

A 34 year old man from Hedmark in Norway was in early July transferred from Thailand to Norway where he is suspected of being the mastermind behind a major hash smuggling operation.

The group is suspected of having smuggled hundreds of kilos of hash into Norway. On Tuesday 9 July, the 34 year old was taken into police custody in Oslo for four weeks while the case against him is being prepared.

The cost of rehabilitating drug abusers is a burden on the economy in all countries where drug is being distributed although there are some low cost and free rehabs for addicts available.

The drug operation was revealed earlier this year following a close cooperation between the Norwegian, Spanish and Danish police. The Norwegian was arrested in Thailand in January but had resisted extradiction to Norway, claiming all along that he was not guilty.

“We believe this person is a key figure,” says public prosecutor Espen Hanken to the Norwegian daily Dagbladet.

“He has among other been in close contact with the suppliers and is linked both to the ordering of the narcotics and the coordination of the import into Norway,” he says.

Another Norwegian who lived in Thailand was already in May transferred to Norway related to the same case. But the police believes he is a much smaller fish than the 34 year old.


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  1. Give him the choice to stay in “bangkok Hilton” or be transfered back to Norway. After 3 weeks in “Bangkok Hilton” he will be begging to be transfered to Norway. Innocent, my ass, no smoke without fire,

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