Norwegian metal veterans to visit Singapore

Although many may believe that the metal scene is rather non-existant in Southeast Asia, one just has to look a bit further for the same kind of hardcore underground metal that’s rather common if you travel Northwest from here to the dark forrests of Scandinavia.

There are places where the ungodly music is played down here (Immortal Bar in Bangkok as an example) and naturally they drag artists from all over the world for a chance to show their skills and music to the SE Asian crowd.

And in June, one of the veterans of 90s black/thrash metal will guest Singapore. Aura Noir comes from Norway and was formed in the early 90s at the height of the black and thrash metal waves.

The easiest way to describe the genre is to imagine the sort of music your grandmother would absolutely hate the most and then make the songs about death and Satan.

With songs like ‘Out to Die’, ‘Hades Rise’ and ‘Putrification of Hell’, the night is guaranteed to be packed with long, black hair, spiked wristbands, denim vests covered with band patches, mosh pits and fast and eardrum-shattering guitars.

The concert will be held on the 30th of June at Slet Productions x Decline. Early Bird tickers are priced at S$37 while Advanced tickets are priced at S$47. Tickets at the door will cost $50.

Tickets can be bought here.

Meanwhile, the full concert at Hellfest in 2016 can be seen below:

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