Norwegian NATO chief and British Prime Minister agree to halt China’s growing power plans


Former Norwegian Prime Minister and NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg is pleased that the British are sending warships to the South China Sea to stop China’s growing power plans, Norwegian media Dagbladet reports.

Jens Stoltenberg who recently met with the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Downing Street, says to Dagbladet, “We face new global threats and challenges, including China’s growing power”

The article states that NATO wants to stop Chinese aggression and great power ambitions and following a NATO mission in the Mediterranean, the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is now on its way. It carries 18 fighter jets and 250 special forces, and the large warship is accompanied by both torpedo fighters and a submarine.

With this, both NATO and the United Kingdom want to send a strong signal to China that they must respect international maritime law in the region. The Americans already have a lot of military activity in the area and the intention is that the British contribution will also be a more permanent presence.

After Jens Stoltenberg met with Boris Johnson, he thanked the British Prime Minister for the country’s contribution and described the United Kingdom as one of NATO’s most important members.

After the meeting with the British Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg said, “I visited HMS Queen Elizabeth in Portugal last week. It’s an impressive aircraft carrier. It shows the United Kingdom’s commitment to contributing to our common security and defense, in which they invest heavily.”

“We need that commitment because we live in an unpredictable world,” Jens Stoltenberg emphasized.

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