Norwegian People’s Aid meets Prime Minister of Thailand

On 17 May 2017, the Norwegian Constitution Day, the Prime Minister of Thailand received a delegation from Norwegian People’s Aid, NPA. NPA is assisting Thailand and other countries in the region to get rid of the problem of landmines and other unexploded weapons that still causes accidents among the civilian population in these countries.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the main donor to NPA in Thailand and one of the largest donors globally in the work towards making the world mine free.

NPA brought with them female deminers and surveyors from Thailand, Myanmar, Lao PDR and Cambodia to promote gender equality in a job often perceived too dangerous for women to perform. These ladies prove to be good examples that women can do the job just as well as men.

NPA also encouraged Thailand to fulfill its requirements as a member of the international mine ban treaty to finish the job of landmine clearance in Thailand as soon as possible.

Source: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok

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