Norwegian People’s Aid worker dead after Laos plane crash

The Australian Michael Creighton of Norwegian People’s Aid and his father Gordon Bruce Creighton are dead after a plane crash in Laos, The Epoch Times reported.

Creighton worked for the nonprofit organisation in Laos, someone with the company told the Daily Telegraph.

”Unfortunately Michael’s father who was visiting him was on the same plane,” the source said.

”So many people worked with Michael, the industry of explosive removal is small family. Many people knew him. He was excellent and one of the industry’s top guys.”

Creighton was 41. He had been in Laos for almost a year.

The Creightons were from the Australian town of Glen Innes.

The Bangkok Post confirmed the deaths; all passengers on the flight died, including nationals from Thailand, the United States, China, Taiwan, Canada, Vietnam, and France.

The Norwegian People’s Aid released a statement saying one of its operations managers was missing after the crash.

Creighton’s fiancé, who also lives and works in Laos, said on Facebook that she will live with the loss forever. “I have lost the love of my life, my heart, my soul, my future, my children, my world, and myself,” she said.


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