Norwegian pianist to perform with Khmer singer in Cambodia


Norwegian pianist and composer Ingolv Haaland will perform at Meta House Sunday 26th May 6.30 p.m., featuring Khmer singer Ouch Savy and Tro player Yun Theara.

The music is a mix of lounge, ambient and improvisation with Khmer lyrics By Savy and melodic themes by Theara. An upcoming record release will contain the new musical material presented in this concert.

Haaland has had several musical projects and concerts in Cambodia and Thailand in the last 6 years, and are is doing Musical collaboration and research in the Middle East, focusing on Lebanon.

He is currently working as an Assistant Professor at the University of Agder in Norway. He holds a Master’s degree in Performing Arts in Piano and Improvisation and has a fellowship in composition. The latter will be a part of a future Ph.D. in Music.

Some of Haaland’s music can be found at:


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