Norwegian radar tech part of next NASA mission to Mars

The announcement came at a press conference at the space agency NASA headquarters in Washington on July 31. mars_2020_nasa

– Today we take probably an important step towards Mars. The spacecraft Curiosity was an iconic example of how technology and science can pave the way for more knowledge about Mars. The new spacecraft is probably an important step in facilitating human expeditions on the red planet, said NASA’s Chief Executive Officer Charles Bolden.

Sharp competition

FFI instrument was one of seven proposals which were selected to equip the spacecraft. Totally, 58 submissions were made from all over the world – twice as many as in previous NASA competitions. FFI radar was one of two non-US contributions that have been accepted.

– It gives an indication of the huge international interest in exploring the planet Mars. It also says something about radar technology we develop at FFI is absolutely world class, says John Mikal Størdal.

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