Norwegian Club in Hong Kong maps popular activities

If you’re Norwegian and living in Hong Kong, you need to have a look at Club Norway.  The club is a non-profit organization formed to serve Norwegians living in Hong Kong. The organization is arranging different events throughout the year, like national day celebrations, Christmas celebrations, as well as a number of other events. If you have questions about Norwegian-themed activities or simply want to meet up with fellow Norwegians, then this is where to come. Having existed in Hong Kong for years, Club Norway can also offer assistance for people who may have questions about how to get situated in Hong Kong.

Determined to provide solid events for their members, the club sent out a survey to evaluate their programme. The survey gives you an idea of the different events available and shows that the club has something for everyone.

The list shows the rank of each event – most popular first.

1. Boat / Junk boat

2. Tram ride / tram Party

3. Pub night

4. Horse racing at Happy Valley

5. Wine / beer tasting

6. Hiking trip

7. Men’s Lunch

8. Trip to the beach

9. Bowling Night

10. Cooking Classes

11. Billiard night

12. Karaoke Night

13. Ladies Lunch

14. Knitting

The club says that it plans to use the evaluation actively, planning this year from what the members enjoyed the most. The survey showed that there was a desire for more family oriented activities which they intend to accommodate as best as possible.

If you are interested in Klubb Norge Hong Kong you can visit the website by clicking here




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  1. Hei ! så hyggelig å se deres ha skikelig klub på fellow norsk…
    jeg kan ikke vente og mannen min skal nytte nye kiv i hong kong…

    giovanna iversen

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