Norwegian software company expands to Singapore

Norwegian browser software company Opera has opened a regional head office in Singapore today as it seeks to extend its reach in the Asia-Pacific region with a focus on developing its advertising business.

Opera already has a presence in Asia — with offices in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan — but the new Singapore office will be home to its  operator and advertising business, technical support, and marketing activities across the region.

Citing the increasing amount of time people spend online via their mobile phones, and given the large number of mobile-only consumers in Southeast Asian countries (such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam), Opera says the mandate of the new base is working with operators and advertisers to help them reach more mobile Internet users.

Fabrizio Caruso, Opera’s Senior Vice President for Asia will head up the Singapore presence, and he explains:

“We plan to use our Singapore office as a hub to fuel the mobile Internet and advertising economy in APAC.”

The company says it has already partnered with 17 mobile operators in Asia to roll out co-branded Opera Mini browsers coupled with data plans, in a bid to bring more people online through their mobile phones.

With the opening of the Singapore office, Opera now has a total of 17 offices around the world, which house more than 900 employees.

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