Norwegian tried to kill himself in Pattaya


Broken hearted Norwegian tries to take his life.

Tonight the police and Sawangboriboon rescue workers have been called to the Station House in Pattaya City Soi 13/2 after reports that a fifty-three year Norwegian man needed urgent medical treatment in a room above a beer bar.

On the third-floor Mr Rolf Inge Warnes was lying badly injured in a pool of blood with several long knife wounds on his left arm. Medics provided emergency first aid and rushed him to Pattaya Memorial Hospital.

In his room, at number 302, he had prepared a suicide note reading, ‘Sorry, love you all, I did it my way, don’t worry I will watch you all from heaven. Can’t live with you or without you, Mariam, Miss you all. Rolf.’ Next to the badly bleeding man was a bloody box cutter (or Stanley Knife).

The police have taken photographs of the scene and believe that the reason for drama might be because the woman, (Mariam) had left him and was not answering his messages. And so, in a state of depression, he drank himself into deciding to end it all.

But he is now recovering from his injuries in hospital.

(Press release: Pattaya One)

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