Norwegians take unnecessary risks in traffic

Every year thousands of Norwegians are drawn to sunny and cheap Thailand, and at the moment 6300 Norwegians citizens are in the country on a long term visa (more than 90 days)

However, many of them never return home. In 2012, 64 Norwegians died in Thailand. While many die of natural causes, to many unfortunately die from injures in traffic. Many of them have left Norway without proper health or life insurance, Brita Magnusson from the Norwegian embassy in Bangkok explained to Dagbladet.

She says that the number of deaths have been fairly stable the last few years, but that it is unfortunate how many die in traffic or by drowning. Last year seven were killed in traffic while four drowned. Brita Magnusson explains that many probably overestimate their own abilities to navigate the chaotic Thai traffic and that many are injured in scooter accidents.

“Many drive without helmets and have little regard of traffic rules. They take  unnecessary risks and many are not properly prepared for driving in the left lane,” she says.

The embassy emphasizes that is a problem for the relatives that many do not have their travel and life insurance in order.

“Tourists on long term stays forget that they have to renew their insurance and then it expires. That means expenses for relatives who wish to see their loved ones buried in Norway. Getting an urn shipped home can cost up to 10.000 NOK,” she says.

The embassy and other foreign agencies have their hands full in aiding the relatives back in Norway when it comes to insurance. She encourages all Norwegians to register at the embassy and give informations regarding their whereabouts.

“This would ease our work considerably,” she says.