Novo Nordisk to offer diabetis treatment to Myanmar children

The Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk will provide free treatment to Myanmar children suffering from type 1 diabetis.

The treatment will include medicating the children with Novo Nordisk’s products but also educate doctors and nurses in treating the disease, which, according to a spokesman from Novo Nordisk, kills 60.000 Myanmar citizens – or at least diseases related to diabetis.

For several years the company has been expanding into the relatively deserted Myanmar market, and of today Novo Nordisk has opened centers in five hospitals in the country; Yangon General, North Okkalapa General, Mandalay General, Yangon Children’s, and Mandalay Children’s Hospital, according to Myanmar Times.

The programme has targeted around 800 children elligeble for Novo Nordisk’s treatment, and according to Dr. Mya Sandar Thein, a child specialist, somewhere around 100 children have already enrolled in the programme to treat type 1 diabetes.

“In the past, children with type 1 diabetes were hidden in the community. People didn’t know diabetes occured in children,” she said.

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