Offer for Nordic tourists: Quarantine on a yacht in Thailand

Thailand does not provide a yacht. You must bring your own. Photo: Arthur Guiot / Unsplash

In a bid to make mandatory quarantine in Thailand attractive, the popular tourist nation last month introduced the possibility for tourists to spend their 14 days in quarantine at a golf resort. Now Thailand is adding another luxury quarantine option and in the future tourists in Thailand can waive their quarantine in the country on a yacht, Danish Daily Ekstra Bladet reports.

That is, if you have a yacht because Thailand will not provide you one and you must bring your own. 

Initially, the scheme is on a trial basis and only applies to Phuket but should you be one of the lucky few who owns a yacht, you will be allowed to swim freely in the sea along the coast of Phuket during your quarantine. You must however stay near your yacht as you will not be allowed to go ashore until the 14 days are over.

In April, Thailand’s new and less strict entry rules come into force and by then you will get away with seven or ten days in quarantine depending on whether you have been vaccinated or not.

According to Bangkok Post, Thai authorities expect about 100 yachts to take advantage of the scheme this year. It does not sound like much, but the hope is that they have a lot of money and will stay in Thailand for a long time.

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