Oslovians show solidarity with Philippines

Sunday night defied big and small in Oslo winter cold to show their sympathy for typhoon victims in the Philippines.
Torchlight procession, with Culture Minister Thorhild Widwey (H) in the lead, went from Railway Square to the National Theatre before a broadcast live concert and fundraising on NRK.norphil_relief
Anne Grete Preus, Ole Paus, Eva and The Heart Maker and Morten Abel are among the artists set up in the half hour long broadcast. From the National Theatre are among others Lena Kristin Ellingsen, Kim Haugen, Frøydis Armand and Alexandrine Sæther.
Helping Organizations Norwegian Red Cross, Norwegian Church Aid, Street Light, UNICEF and Save the Children are collaborating on the action. Over 13 million people in the Philippines are affected by the natural disaster that struck the country in early November.
Also Saturday was relief organizations present in downtown Oslo and urged Norwegians to open the wallet to contribute to the reconstruction of the damaged areas in the Philippines.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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