Over 50,000 Thais applied for a Schengen visa in Nordic consulates

In 2017, 52,595 Thais applied for a Schengen visa in Nordic consulates. Swedish embassy received the most applications (16,396). Finland was the only to feel a decline in applications between 2016 and 2017.

Information provided to ScandAsia from SchengenVisaInfo.com shows that Nordic embassies in Thailand received 4% more Schengen visa applications in 2017 than the previous year.

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Based on official Schengen visa applications the Nordic countries are much sought-after from Thailand’s citizens. According to the most up-to-date statistics, the number of them applying for a Schengen visa in Nordic countries reached 52,595 in 2017. When compared to 50,610 such applications from a year ago a slight increase of 4% is noted.

The share of Schengen visa applications by the Thais among four Nordic countries, including herein Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, is quite balanced when looking at statistics. In 2017, the Swedish embassy located in the capital Bangkok received 16,396 Schengen uniform visa applications being ranked the top favorite Nordic destination for Thais. In return, the Swedish consular section granted 14,611 uniform visas, out of which 1,876 were MEV visa or just 12.8% of the total grants. Also, Sweden’s embassy led in terms of the number of rejected applications. The past year, 1,348 or 8.2% of Thai applicants at this embassy failed to get their Schengen visa.

The second most favourite Nordic destinations for Thais in 2017 was Denmark. The Danish consular section situated in Bangkok received 14,340 uniform Schengen visa applications last year. A total of 13,460 applications were successful, 4,449 or 33.1% of the total visas issued being MEV visas. On the other hand, this embassy rejected 558 Schengen uniform visa applications.

The Norway embassy, also located in Bangkok, received slightly fewer applications. In 2017, 12,415 citizens of Thailand filed a Schengen uniform visa application. The majority of them (12,024) were issued a visa. With only 390 or 3.1% applications being rejected the Norway embassy had the lowest rate of rejection in 2017.

Finland was listed fourth among these Schengen consulates. Their embassy in Thailand recorded 9,444 Schengen visa applications in 2017. Out of this number, 8,896 applicants were granted a Schengen visa, including here 352 MEV visas and 10 LTV visas (most in all Nordic countries).

An important note to make here is that Finland’s embassy was the only one to see the number of Schengen visa applications drop between 2016 and 2017. Whilst in 2016, 9,746 Thais submitted an application at this embassy the preceding year 9,444 persons made such an application.

Source: SchengenVisaInfo.com

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