Palle Borgselius passed away


Palle Borgselius passed away on 23 April 2015. Palle was fighting a lengthy battle against cancer. His last weeks were spent at the hospice Djursland in Denmark, where at 2.30 in the morning of 23 April, he passed away.

Palle Borgselius was from the West coast of Denmark where he graduated from Esbjerg Handels Højskole. Before he moved to live in Thailand he had advanced to be Managing Director of “De Grønne Skobutikker”. After his immigration, he at first he continued this import business. But shortly after, he started together with a friend to import used European wood working machines for the industry in Thailand and other countries in the region.

During the following 13 years, Palle Borgselius was a very active member of the Nordic community and served for several terms as a board member of both Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce and Scandinavian Society Siam.

Palle was a co-owner of the company Scanmach Asia Co., Ltd until in 2011 he moved to China where he became customer advisor at NT Worldwide Co., Ltd. But he maintained his home in Bangok and never really liked working in China.

Palle Borgselius was loved and appreciated by the members of the Scandinavian community in Thailand because of his willingness to take on community work, his honesty in performing any task assigned to him, his sincerity in listening to his friends, when they sought his advice, and his great sense of humor.

When he retired and lived on his pension, he suffered economically under the Danish governments discrimination against Danes who wants to take their pension outside the EU. But he stayed on as long as he could.

Palle leaves behind his Thai wife Tian and his three children, Nicolai, Tine and Louise, and four grand children.

Nicolai says about his father:

“Dad was lovely father. He always took care of me and took me along with him when he moved abroad. I lived with him until I was 17 and moved back to Denmark to study.

His great sense of humor never left him. I asked him once why he did not quit and live off his pension. He smiled and said: Because all the people I know who does that – eventually they always die! – and he was of course right. Now, he has peace.”


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2 Comments on “Palle Borgselius passed away”

  1. I´m very sorry to here this, all to late. we have lost our contakt
    the last years, but we spoke together in december 2014, where we
    spoke about your lusing short term memory. Nothing about cancer.
    The way yoy have helped me in Thailand, I will never forget.
    Udom is now seriosly ill. in hopital, I hope you don´t meet her now.
    To my best friend since 1994, RIP

  2. Palle, you’re dearly missed.

    I have always cherished your loyalty, honesty and humour.

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