Swede wanted by Phuket police for reckless spear-fishing

Police are looking for a Swedish resident of Phuket who had been caught on camera spear-fishing and illegally selling his catches in Kata beach area last week

Photo: Go Eco Phuket

Members of the Go Eco Phuket diver/conservationists group said they had notified police of the Swede’s reckless behaviour and potentially illegal actions.

“The Swedish, a local resident, has been seen spearing and then gutting a blacktip shark. The man did harpoon-fishing  among coral reefs frequented by tourists and divers,” the group said in a statement.

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Although hunting for blacktip sharks over the size of 50 cms in length is not illegal, but excessive hunting could upset ecological balance of marine life. But harpoon-fishing underwater, endangering others obviously is, according to the group.

They also said the Swede probably also broke the law when he sold his catches to passers-by. Foreigners cannot work as fishmonger in Thailand.

The activist group said they had submitted the name and address of the Swede to local police. But they have not disclosed the name of that person pending investigation by police.

Source: Go Eco Phuket

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