Plane from Thailand makes a precautionary landing in Stocholm

Photo: Tui

About 300 passengers are stranded in Stockholm on their way from Thailand to Denmark. The pilot estimated a normal landing in Copenhagen would not have been safe, tells Christian Grandjean from the Travel Agency Tui in a press release.

A Tui-plane had to make an precautionary landing on its way from Thailand to Denmark. The plane was scheduled to fly from Krabi to Copenhagen Sunday 11th of March. But just before arrival the plane had to make an precautionary landing in Stockholm.

The plane was carrying 294 passengers, mostly Danish tourist, including ten children. During the flight, there was much more headwind than expected. When approaching Copenhagen the pilot saw a heavy mist covering Copenhagen and estimated that the plane did not have enough fuel, if the landing would turn out complicated.

Therefore this was technically not an emergency landing, but a precautionary landing, informs Christian Grandjean, who is press officer at Tui. He also apologises to the families stranded in Stockholm

The plane was scheduled to arrive in Copenhagen 15.30, but was delayed half an hour when it landed in Stockholm. The 294 passengers then had to be patient and wait another day to get back home, due to minimum rest time-rules for the staff.

Tui has provided all passengers with coupons to food and accommodation for the night.

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