Popular Danish-Thai learning book now available in English

Due to an easy learning style in Grundbog i thai, the demand has been high for the educational Thai-Danish book. Now the English version is released: The Thai Handbook.



“On the basis of the positive feedback I have received after I first published Grundbog i thai, I subsequently decided to make the book available in English too,” says author Christian Stampe Jensen.

He founded the Thai-Danish Language Academy in 2013 after graduating from the University of Copenhagen with a Master’s degree in Thai and Southeast Asian Studies. Then, he went on to teach Thai language classes at the public evening schools in Copenhagen. When Christian Stampe Jensen published his first textbook, he had no idea how popular it would become.

“It surprises me how many Danes are interested in learning how to speak,” says Christian Stampe Jensen.

Christian has been revisiting Thailand countless times after his first trip to the country back in 2000, and has been learning and studying Thai ever since. His mission is to improve language proficiency in Thai among Danes and the publications are his effort to offer new and complete textbooks.

“When I started teaching Thai classes, I realised that there was no textbook available in Danish. Nor did I know of any single textbook in English, which I found to be suitable for the purpose,” he mentions.

Now, the English version is available in both print and E-book formats. Even if the Danish version of the textbook is already a success at the Danish evening schools, an English version opens up for an even wider audience. It can also benefit Danish students.

The Thai Handbook has around 50 more pages than the original Danish version and I have added more specific descriptions of words with important grammatical functions in the Thai language,” he tells.

Both editions contain detailed guidelines on how to pronunciate the individual sounds and tones, and each lesson has a set of assignments to practise the recognition and pronunciation of the tones. The books come with audio files to listen to and help practise the pronunciation of the vocabulary and examples of dialogue featured in the books. Combined, these features make both books highly suitable for learning how to speak Thai by yourself.

If there is a wish for the assistance and supply of a teacher, Thai-Danish Language Academy offers online lessons via Skype. Private lessons are also available and can be tailored to match the specific needs of the course participant. You can find more info on www.thai-dansk-sprog.dk (in Danish) and www.thai-language-academy.net (in English).

Besides the fact that Thailand is one of the most beloved holiday destinations among Danes, Christian Stampe Jensen also mentions other reasons why Danes want and should learn Thai:

“Many Danes choose to settle down in Thailand,” he says. “Though China and learning Chinese has been a priority to promote Danish trade interests abroad, there is a great potential for doing business in Thailand as well. There is already a good relationship between the two countries and Thailand is the perfect place for young entrepreneurs to start up”.


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