Popular Norwegian singers wow fans with intimate concert in Singapore

The Norwegian duo of Maria Arredondo and Torstein Sødal, wellknown Christmas concert singers, held an exclusive concert on Thursday, January 30th, at the Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Singapore.

Torstein Sødal was truly happy about the event and called it a liberating experience as a musician.

“After so many concerts in a row in Norway, it was fantastic with such a different scenery in Singapore,” he said, while he also heaped praise on the warm welcome he and Maria Arredondo received from the crowd.

“Not to mention, the waffles at the Seamens-Church, is the best in the world, ” Torstein Sødal said.

Around 90 people were in the crowd, and Øystein Tønnesen, the event’s organiser who also played the piano at the concert, was pleased with the visit from their home country stars.

Photo: Sjømansskirken, Singapore
Photo: Sjømansskirken, Singapore

“It was a great concert and also a privilege to host singers of such a calibre at our Church here in Singapore,” he said. Øystein Tønnesen is an acquaintance of Torstein Sødal from years back when Øystein ran a musicians-agency in Norway.

“We were lucky to persuade the two to come to this part of the world. Maybe the thought of a few days of vacation in the sun a long way away from the biting cold of Norwegian winter made it easier to persuade them,” he said.

Besides being a musician-duo, Maria Arredondo and Torstein Sødal are also life partners.

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