Reverend farewell at Seamen’s-Church in Singapore

Sunday, June 8, the day of the pentecost-service at the Norwegian Seaman’s Church, also the marked the farewell to reverend Eva Marie Jansvik and her husband, day to day church-conductor Martin Jansvik.

Eva Marie Jansvik was grateful for the years spend at the Church in such an exotic place in the world.

“There has never been  a dull moment during these three and half years in Singapore. It’s been an exciting experience with many meaningful tasks, and my job has led me to meetings with so many lovely and interesting people. I’ve enjoyed my work very much, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to live in such an interesting and exotic part of the world. I’ve loved the climate, and will definitely miss the summer temperatures. Still, what I’ll miss the most, are all my wonderful colleagues and friends.” she said.


Eva Marie Jansvik and her husband Martin Jansvik came to Singapore with one daughter, which is now six years old. During their time in Southeast Asian metropol they expanded the family with further three boys, a three year old and twin babies born three months ago.

“We are moving back to our little hometown, Mandal, which is the most southern town in Norway. I will work as a reverend there in the Norwegian Church when I finish my maternity leave. We are very much looking forward to letting our children grow up with their grandparents around and living in this beautiful small town by the coast.

We are grateful for the years in Singapore. Both my husband and I have found our jobs at the Norwegian and Swedish Church very meaningful. It’s been challenging, there’s been ups and downs, but it’s also been a lot of fun,” she underlined.




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