Reward for Filipino au pairs for not getting pregnant in Denmark

Filipino au pairs in Denmark are set to receive as much as 6,500 kroner in cash bonus if they will not get pregnant during their two-year stay in the country.den_ph_aupairs

This was based on the new initiative to be launched by Aupair Agency Denmark to prevent Filipino au pairs from leaving Denmark or going into hiding because of pregnancy.

A report on The Copenhagen Post said the new initiative will take effect on January 1, 2015.

“Filipino au pairs will do anything to stay in the country, so we think that it will become a gigantic problem,” Line Bale, the head of Aupair Agency Denmark, was quoted as telling

“Therefore, we’ve come up with a bonus that will be attractive for those who are only interested in money,” Bale reportedly said.

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One Comment on “Reward for Filipino au pairs for not getting pregnant in Denmark”

  1. Unbelievable that you have to award girls from becoming pregnant, would it not be better to educate those girls and tell about the strict immigration rules they have in Denmark.
    This looks to be a very bad signal to sent to au pairs, and is it really a problem?

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