Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing celebrates Climate Action Day

To celebrate the European Climate Diplomacy Day the Danish Embassy in Beijing on June 17th opened its doors for a group of journalists, NGO’s and followers of the Embassy’s social media profiles.


The visitors were welcomed with climate friendly green snacks and with an introduction to the Embassy’s own green efforts. This was followed by a short tour including a climb to the solar panels on the Embassy roof and a descent to the basement, where the heating/cooling system and new and energy efficient Grundfos pumps were inspected. The visitors were impressed to learn that the new pumps use 40% less electricity than the old ones and acknowledged that a lot of extra effort is required as a first mover on roof top solar panels in Beijing.

Safely back on ground level, the visitors listened to an introduction of climate change, the UNFCCC negotiations and COP21, Danish climate policies and mitigation efforts and not least to a presentation of our opportunities for reducing our own individual carbon footprints. This included the impact of behaviour, diet, transportation modes and selection of energy efficient appliances.


After these presentations the visitors participated in small quiz with climate related questions. The visitors were asked to make their own climate pledge – a pledge of what they personally would do in the future in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Throughout the session visitors asked questions and participated actively in discussions, promising well for Chinese climate change awareness.

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