Saab Group’s Thailand partners and engagement so far

At the 2015 edition of Defence & Security expo, held in November in Bangkok, Sweden’s defence and security company Saab exhibited its cutting-edge technology for the land, sea and air domains. This included advanced systems and solutions for the armed forces and civil security, along with innovations for complex communications and traffic management.


Saab exhibited alongside its Thai partner company AVIA Satcom.

“Saab’s partnership with AVIA Satcom is a key to increased engagement in Thailand,” says Markus Borgljung, Deputy Head of Marketing & Sales at Saab Asia Pacific Co. Ltd. on their website. “Saab, through AVIA Satcom, is able to offer products and services by a local company, with locally developed technology and by local resources. Saab is transferring technology and know-how to our in areas of mutual interest like Tactical Data Link, Command & Control, establishment of a local support and logistic organization for Saab products in Thailand.”

Saab and AVIA have a strong, long-term relationship which was showcased in how they have jointly developed tailor-made solutions for the Royal Thai Armed Forces.

The Naval contracts for retrofit of the H.T.M.S. Naresuan class frigates and H.T.M.S. ChakriNarubet boosted the partnership significantly

Saab also demonstrated its ability to provide an entire country with a network centric defence capability. This application of thinking and technology improves mission effectiveness and joint capabilities, making defence forces more agile and better able to protect the nation.

“Defence & Security 2015 is a great opportunity for us to reinforce Saab’s ethos of partnership and our extensive engagement with both defence and civilian sectors in Thailand and the Asian region,” said Dan Enstedt, President and CEO of Saab Asia Pacific.


In a significant milestone tests performed in 2014 by Royal Thai Navy and Royal Thai Air Force, with support from Saab and AVIA Satcom, resulted in a demonstration of interoperable capabilities between the Royal Thai Navy and the Royal Thai Air Force. Both the Gripen and the SAAB 340 AEW aircraft connected successfully with H.T.M.S. ChakriNaruebet over data links and shared radar and other information.

This marked a significant step in the development of the Thai Armed Forces and brought Thailand into a small group of countries in the world with this highly advanced capability.

The frigates were equipped with the latest generation of combat management and fire control systems. Saab also supplied data-link equipment to the ships and upgraded, to the latest generation, the command and control system on the aircraft carrier H.T.M.S. ChakriNarubet.

As for the Gripen programme and other systems to the Thai Armed Forces says that ll 12 Gripen C/D aircraft ordered by Thailand are now operating out of their home base Wing 7 in Surat Thani. Recently, a great milestone was reached when the 12 aircraft completed 5000 flight hours.

The successfully linked data systems involving Gripen fighters integrates usage of modern equipment, which helps increase the tactical capacity of both military forces to coordinate operations with improved efficiency. Integration of radar signals from both types of radar from both military forces improves target detection, information sharing and joint attacks. The “Data link” system lets airborne fighting units and sea fighting units share tactical information with each other. They will now “see each other” and “see the target together” which is very useful for a successful mission.


“The Thai Defence market has been a top 10 market for Saab for a considerable period of time. We have committed ourselves to the market through a strategic partnership with Avia Satcom in order to partner a new generation of defence industry in the country. We plan to build on the success of the fighter aircraft, airborne surveillance, military aerospace combat and control systems and naval programs. Today, all the Business Areas of Saab are active in Thailand, including Aeronautics, Dynamics, Security & Defence Systems, Electronic Defense Systems and Support & Services,” says Markus Borgljung.

Saab is the leading supplier of complex naval systems in the Asian region, offering a portfolio of products and services tuned to regional needs, along with an open mind towards local industry involvement. Saab will continue presenting its leading edge naval technology and give its view of why customers in the region should turn to Saab for their needs of naval products – both above and below the surface.

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