Sanoma to help 250 million Chinese learn digitally

People’s Education Press (PEP), the largest educational publisher in China, has chosen Young Digital Planet as a supplier of tools to build its digital learning solutions. Young Digital Planet is part of Sanoma Learning and provides learning solutions and tools to customers in more than 40 countries.sanoma

Originating in 1950, PEP has become the publication standard for primary and secondary school textbooks in China with 73% market share. It’s one of the leaders in changing the Chinese educational system from print to digital. PEP has chosen YDP as a partner to support the transformation process. Under the contract YDP will deliver Editorial Technologies that will help to create 21st century learning solutions.

With this deal Sanoma Learning strengthens its position in the international market. “Our success in China is a reflection of our continuous efforts to improve our learning solutions, and make them relevant to the local markets”, said Jacques Eijkens, CEO of Sanoma Learning. “Our high-quality products and services together with a genuine understanding of customer needs in local markets gave us the competitive edge that led to the People’s Education Press’s decision to select us as the vendor.”

Source: Sanoma

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