ScandAsia for Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos distributed by email

The ScandAsia magazine for Thailand has been distributed by email to all recipients, who have signed up for this distribution form. The email presented the magazine as shown below.

The emagazine has been improved in terms of the way, the pages are presented as true thumbnails of the actual pages. The emails have further been coded in a way that improves the way the magazine is displayed on tablets and mobile smart phones – a fast increasing share of ScandAsia readers access both the website and the magazine with these devices.

2  |  ScandAsia SEA
ScandAsia SEA  |  3

4  |  ScandAsia SEA
ScandAsia SEA  |  5

6  |  ScandAsia SEA
ScandAsia SEA  |  7

8  |  ScandAsia SEA
ScandAsia SEA  |  9

10  |  ScandAsia SEA
ScandAsia SEA  |  11

12  |  ScandAsia SEA
ScandAsia SEA  |  13

14  |  ScandAsia SEA
ScandAsia SEA  |  15

14  |  ScandAsia SEA
ScandAsia SEA  |  15

16  |  ScandAsia SEA
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Please share with me any comments or suggestions you may have how we may further improve our service.
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