Scandinavia and Thailand top children’s rights survey

The KidsRights Foundation has released their survey of children’s rights, covering 182 countries. Scandinavian countries are well-known for ranking high in surveys researching human rights – and this survey is no exception. Several Southeast Asian countries also rank high in this survey.

The report places Iceland as the country in the world where children have most rights with a score of 0.967. In third place comes Finland with 0.934, closely followed by Sweden on fourth place with a score of 0.915. The highest score, a country can get, is 1.

On eighth place comes the only Asian country in the top – Thailand with a score of 0.893 points – higher than Denmark, which came on a 10th place with 0.890 points.

Norway places 14th on the list of the most child-friendly countries in the world with a score of 0.878. Then there is a jump to Malaysia who ranks 34th place with 0.828 points – and the second-most child-friendly countries in Asia. Vietnam ranks 57th with a score of 0.786. Eight ranks lower places Singapore as the 65th country in the world who can guarantee its young citizens rights with 0.775 points. The next Southeast Asian country on the index is the Philippines who has ranked 80th place with 0.754 points.

The remaining Southeast Asian countries ranks in the 100’s, with China taking the lead on 109th place with 0.686 points. Following close after is Indonesia on 110th place with a score of 0.677 points. Seven ranks down the list places Laos as the 117th child-friendliest country in the world with 0.647 points.

Cambodia ranks 125th with 0.606 points. The last Southeast Asian country in the index is Myanmar, who is the 131th most child-friendly country in the world out of 182 countries with a score of 0.595 points.

The results are calculated based by 5 parameters:

  1. Children’s rights to life
  2. Children’s rights to health
  3. Children’s rights to education
  4. Children’s right to protection
  5. Enabling environment for children’s rights


Source: The KidsRights Foundation

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