Scandinavian and Asian islands make it to top 10 list

senja island norway

Northern Lights over Senja Island, Norway – number 7 on CNN’s top 10 island list. Photo: Gregoire Dubois on Flickr

Wondering where to spend your next holiday? If you’re looking to relax by the beach or explore stunning sceneries, CNN’s list of beautiful islands to visit across the globe might just be of interest.

From crystal clear water and bounty beaches to snowy landscapes and towering mountains the list includes inspiration for every taste.

Among the islands that made it to the list, islands in the Philippines, Indonesia and Norway can be found.

So, whether you are looking to greet a Komodo Dragon or chase the Northern Lights check out the list below.

  1. Milos, Greece
  2. Bartolomé, Ecuador
  3. Fregate, Seychelles
  4. St. Lucia, Lesser Antilles
  5. Jura, Scotland
  6. Komodo Island, Indonesia
  7. Senja Island, Norway
  8. Mo’orea French Polynesia
  9. Palawan, the Philippines
  10. Kaua’i, USA
komodo dragon indonesia

A Komodo Dragon on Komodo Island, Indonesia. Photo: Adhi Rachdian on Flickr

palawan philippines

Palawan, Philippines. Photo: Summersdale on Pixabay

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