Scandinavian foreign authorities advises against non-essential travels in Sabah, Malaysia

Scandinavian foreign authorities have changed their travel advice advising against non-essential travels to Sabah. Sabah is one of the the 13 member states in Malaysia and is located on the northern portion of the Island of Borneo. The reason is an armed conflict going on as some 200 fighters from Southern Philippines have been in a village near Lahad Datu on the east coast of Sabah.

Malaysian forces have surrounded the village and there have been negotiations about terms of surrender. The group is demanding recognition and an increased payment from Malaysia for their claim as the rightful owners of Sabah.

Since the beginning of this month there has been fire fights with several casualties without the conflict being terminated. According to Norwegian foreign authorities 19 intruders and 8 soldiers from the Malaysian forces have been killed. Therefore, the Ministry’s of Foreign Affairs are advising against travels in the area from Lahad Datu  to Kunak and Semporna down to Tawau. Travelers are encouraged to follow advice and instructions from local authorities and to keep themselves updated by local media.

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