All Scandinavian nations, except Finland, spy for US

A newly-leaked document from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden confirms Denmark’s formal agreement to scandinavian flagswork with the US surveillance agency NSA.

The document was revealed by Swedish television channel SVT as part of a documentary on Sweden’s participation in spying operations. Nine European countries – Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain – are listed in the document as “Third Party partners” to the Five Eyes nations (the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

Spying on Danes
Although Denmark’s participation with the NSA has been slowly revealed in bits and pieces, this marks the first time that written documentation from the NSA confirms Denmark’s status as one of the US’s trusted partners. And that is “very worrying”, says Enhedslisten’s Pernille Skipper.

“When Denmark is one of the US intelligence services’ close allies, one must ask themselves what it is we are giving in return,” Skipper said to public broadcaster DR. “When you consider this along with the other revelations that have come out, which insinuate that the US systematically spies on residents throughout Europe in violation of very basic rights, then you can naturally fear that the collaboration between Denmark and the US means that Danes have been spied upon.”

The document revealed by SVT came in connection to the channel’s interview with Glenn Greenwald, the journalist behind many of the Snowden leaks. SVT’s interview with Greenwald can be seen here.

Greenwald has previously said that more revelations about Denmark would come to light, and he characterised the Danish relationship to the Americans as “submissive”.

Source: Copen Hagen Post

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  1. Finland is not part of Scandinavia, this has even been ruled by the court regarding a dispute of a shipping contract with delivery terms CIF Scandinavian port. The goods were delivered to Helsinki. And according to the verdict in the court Helsinki is not a Scandinavian port. The supplier had to pay for cost back to a Scandianvian port. In this case this was to be Helsingborg. Only Denmark, Norway and Sweden are Scandinavian coutries. However Finland is part of the Nordic coutries which also includes Island.

  2. That’s stupid. Of course Finland is part of scandinavia. Finland was even part of sweden ones, like norway, but gain independence in the 19th cent.

    You shouldn’t comment on things you don’t know anything about kid…

  3. You headline is: “All Scandinavian nations, except Finland, spy for US”.

    That´s wrong!

    Finland is not a part of Scandinavia.

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