Scandinavians hope Thai oil spill will not reach them

Scandinavians along the coast of Rayong province in Thailand hope  not to be affected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Thailand which since Sunday has devastated the west coast of the vacation island Koh Samet.

The largest concentration of Scandinavians along the coast in danger of polution stay at Mae Phim Beach, where Logans Thailand has a popular beach front condominium.

“According to our sources, we expect to go free,” says Sales and Marketing Director Pasi Marjamaki.

“We consult a local oil expert who has access to all information and according to him, Mae Phim Beach should not be affected – but you never know,” he adds.

“We have currently only 100 guests staying – that is not so many, but that is because it is low season. In the high season, we can be 1000 guests,” says Pasi Marjamaki who believes many of the guests have not even heard about the oil spill yet.

“You know when you are on vacation – who wants to sit and follow the news?”

The official Thai news agency reported Tuesday that the oil slick had washed into Ban Phe beach only 50 kilometers from Mae Phim Beach. This is where Glennasia – another Scandinavian condominium project is located – but ScandAsia has not been able to reach any residents there.

The oil slick began Saturday morning when about 50 tonnes (50,000 litres) of crude oil leaked from a pipeline, spilling into the sea off Rayong, some 20 kilometres southeast of the Map Ta Phut industrial estate.

The crude oil slipped from the booms due to the strong winds and waves then washed up to the shore at Samet island Sunday night.

Many tourists have cancelled or postponed planned trips to Samet island.



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