Scientists on Norwegian vessel: Alarming amount of plastic near Myanmar

Scientists on a Norwegian research vessel have expressed worries over the large amount of microplastics in the sea at the southern Rakhine State, Myanmar.

Photo: Cruising with Dr. Fridtjof Nansend

The Norwegian research vessel RV Dr. Fridtjof Nansen has conducted a month-long study of fish resources and the marine ecosystem off the Rakhine and Ayeyarwady Region in the western part of Myanmar, according to Myanmar Times.

The scientists conducted two types of research: Measuring microplastic particles in the water and microplastic contamination in fish.
The amount of microplastic particles in the water led them to expressed alarm.

The volume of microplastics in the sea is dangerous, because turtles, fish, dolphins and other marine animals can die if they accidentally mistake it for food.

The vessel will continue its research in other places in Myanmar before proceeding to Thailand to continue its studies.

The vessel is named after Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, a Norwegian explorer, diplomat, humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. The vessel is  owned by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation and is built as part of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization project to help developing countries improve their fisheries management.

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