Sharp rise in Chinese tourists to Sweden

The number of applicants for a tourist visa to Sweden has increased a lot this summer compared to the same period last year. So far the number of applicants in July has more than doubled compared to 2013.

The Embassy of Sweden in Beijing has noted a great increase in the number of visa applicants counting from May to mid-July, largely because of an increase in the amount of tourist visa applicants. swed_landscape_henrik_trygg-weather_islands-2479

Last year saw a total of 5377 visa applications for the period May to mid-July. This year the amount is 8200 visa applications, an increase by over 50 percent over the period.

The trend is strongest in July. So far 2478 visa applications has been received, compared to 1020 last year; a 143 percent increase.

“It makes me happy that more Chinese citizens are choosing Sweden as a tourist destination. This also shows that the new fast track service we introduced in cooperation with Visit Sweden for tourist groups earlier this year has had effect”, says Mrs Ljiljana Cvitanovic Juric, second secretary at the Embassy’s migration section.

The new fast track for tourist groups was introduced 1 March this year and allows for a selected number of travel agencies to attain visas for their groups within seven days.

May-August is peak season at the Embassy handling visa applications to visit Sweden. This year’s trend with increasing applicants is expected to continue throughout August.

Source: Embassy of Sweden in China

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